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After-School Program

Available for Ages 4 and Up

D4Karate provides a constructive, engaging after-school martial arts program that teaches kids a variety of character skills while helping out with homework and studying. By participating in our after-school program, your child will develop self-discipline, respect, focus, time management, and leadership. Martial arts instruction has been proven to dramatically improve school grades by

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D4 Karate Arena

helping children set goals, focus, and discipline themselves, while building their confidence and self-esteem. D4Karate puts an emphasis on developing character and leadership, as well as caring and respect for others. Enroll your child in our after-school program to provide them with a fun, productive place to spend their time between school and home.


D4Karate's After School Program now picks up kids attending McNair Elementary and Floris Elementary School.  For inquiries, please call us at 703-713-3300.