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D4Karate programs provide s a variety of classes to meet the fitness needs and interests of everyone. For adults, D4Karate offers a challenging program for achieving a total body workout, weight control and developing strength, flexibility, endurance, agility and focus.

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Lil' Samurai Program

This fun and exciting program for children ages 3-5 years old is designed to teach basic motor skills and develop character, confidence, concentration,

and self-esteem. D4Karate instructors focus on teaching basic social skills to help your Lil Samurai learn to get along with others. Our specialized belt and creative reward systems offer positive recognition for good behavior and accomplishments, inspiring kids to stay focused and motivated to

reach their goals. The Lil’ Samurai curriculum makes learning fun and educational. This curriculum develops 8 major personal development skills that will reinforce family values and help your Lil’ Samurai participate in sports or activities. Teach your preschooler to be the best they can by enrolling them in this incredible program.

Ages 3-5

Hyper Bully Defense Program

D4Karate visits local schools and offers presentations to teachers and staff on spreading awareness about bullying and prevention. As part of this presentation, D4Karate will provide a FREE 2-hour seminar to students and afterward, students can sign up for our 12-week Hyper Bully Defense Program.

* Anyone can sign up for this program.

Hyper Trick School

Do you want to learn how to do tricks? This program combines martial arts and gymnastics and teaches students to perform acrobatic exercises including flips and more!

* Call for more details!

Youth Program

This comprehensive program focuses on helping children develop inner and outer strength to enhance all areas of their lives, such as home, school, sports and other activities, as well as interpersonal relationships. Our structured curriculum, including specialized drills and techniques, will help your child develop physical strength, endurance, coordination, balance, and flexibility. Enrolling your child in this program will help develop and improve the following attributes:

  • Respect and patience

  • Self-esteem and confidence

  • Focus and concentration

  • Positive attitude and manners

  • Strong work ethic and leadership

Ages 6-12

Adult Program

If you're looking to get in shape and achieve a high level of both physical and mental fitness, D4Karate's specialized Adult Program is designed just for you. You'll experience a total body workout that helps develop physical strength, endurance, flexibility,

and coordination. Learn practical and effective methods of self-defense that work in real-life situations. By joining our Adult Program, you'll also reduce the risk of disease with improved physical conditioning. Added benefits are weight control

as well as stress and tension reduction.

Ages 13 and Up

Hyper Pro Program

D4Karate's Hyper Pro program takes

martial arts students and transforms them

into martial arts athletes. Ask your instructor

to find out more!

* Students are selected for this program and must already be a member of D4Karate.


Start today with our NO-RISK introductory course! Simply fill out the FREE trial registration form below. Just fill it out and hit send, and we'll take care of the rest. Limited trials are available each month, so contact us today to reserve your spot.


We’ll schedule you through the class schedule and identify a good day and time for your first semi-private class. Our instructors will have some general background information on you (or your child) and will be expecting you for

your first class. It's that easy!

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For youth and teens, D4Karate offers programs for developing motivation, confidence, discipline, concentration, sense of responsibility, respect and better performance in other sports. For those interested in safety and protection, D4karate instructors are highly experienced in teaching various practical and effective methods for self protection.