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See what our students and parents have to say

The D4Karate community is full of students and parents of students who have many great things to say about their experiences at D4Karate. Read on to find out exactly what martial arts can do for you or your children!


"I chose Karate for my kids to help them build their self-confidence, self-protection and have fun. My favorite instructor is Mr. “B” (Boccagno) because he teaches discipline in a caring way. The atmosphere at [D4Karate School] is open and friendly."

- Jie Tang Dongmei Zhang, parent of Kevin (5) and Yunyi (13)


"My son has more focus and self-esteem. D4Karate has helped my child learn he can spar at the Karate studio but not hit others in [regular] school. Karate is FUN!"

- Cindy Garanzini, mother of Eric (8)


"Students learn in a small class size which offers the opportunity for individualized attention. Karate is a great way to promote physical well-being and help with self-discipline, emotional and mental development. The instructors provide tough love, are serious in imparting instructions and yet make it fun. It has helped her self-confidence in school. The atmosphere is pleasant and friendly. Students enjoy working along with one another. Parents take great interest in the progress of their child and offer encouragement and help with their participation."

- Rajeev Kumar, parent of Riya Gupta (5)


"My daughter has become more focused, self-assured and energized by going to D4Karate. Olivia loves Mr. “B”. He is truly an inspiration and motivation. This class is great for any kid with a lot of energy. We wanted our daughter to have a positive way in which to focus her limitless energy. When [she] received her first belt, she said, 'that’s great, but I really want the black one!'"

- Jennifer Blackwell, parent of Olivia Walke (4)


"My daughter loves the “Lil’ Samurai games – especially the obstacle course."

- Andy Dolan, parent of Christina Amano Dolan (5)


"My son has learned that to accomplish something worthwhile he needs to work hard and stay focused. I don’t worry about Andrew after school because I know he is at Tae kwon do [D4Karate School] in a positive atmosphere. My son has learned the value of hard work and confidence and that he can accomplish something if he tries."

- Jeff Oliveto, parent of Andrew Oliveto (15)


"It improves your health and teaches self discipline. This is a very good karate school."

- Bhushana Maddana Maga, parent of Lokesh (4)


"D4Karate has helped my children develop more focus, self esteem and confidence."

- Sreekumar Poduvar, parent of Srijith, (9)


"I chose D4Karate because of the individual attention they give to each child."

- Nagini Manaipudi, parent of Arjun (4)


"The D4Karate program is a very structure program that teaches respect. In class, the students are very well behaved and attentive. They love participating. D4Karate has helped my child have more focus and discipline. D4Karate has helped my child learn how to follow directions better."

- Sita Hussain, parent of Anjaan (5)


"I really like D4Karate because of the instructor, Mr. B. My 7 year old son and I have been with Mr. B for two years, and have found him to be an old-school instructor who is tough, but fair. His workouts are worth the long commute and he really teaches the true aspects of martial arts, including respect, both for oneself and others, discipline and dedication. As a father, I’m thrilled with how Mr. B handles my son, and as an older student who never would have thought he’d start up martial arts at the age of 37, I enjoy it enough to have given up most of the other types of workouts I used to do regularly. I’m looking forward to getting my daughter signed up once she turns 4."

- Mark, parent of Ransom (7)


"I like D4Karate because Mr. B is the instructor and he is strict, but not too strict. He really knows martial arts, does good workouts and he teaches us great techniques, including keeping our thumb in and our hands up. D4Karate rocks!"

- Ransom, D4Karate Student (7)